Eva Mendes on Revealing Clothing Regrets & Her Head Wraps

Posted by PZ on July 24th, 2017


Actress Eva Mendes has always impressed with her gorgeous vintage-inspired sense of style both on and off the red carpet. She has now spoken on selecting pieces to wear in public and she says she always regrets it when she wears very revealing clothing. She says that she doesn’t like feeling “on display” and instead likes to show her creativity through her fashion choices:

“I don’t like when it’s just me and I’m not working. I don’t like feeling like I’m on display. It’s not that I’m against body-conscious clothes: I have worn them on the red carpet or out, but when I’m photographed in them, I always regret it. For me, it’s always been the easy way out. When I wear something a little more revealing, I think, Oh, gosh, I should have been more creative.”

Eva is famous for wearing head wraps and scarves regularly, and she explains that they help her finish off an outfit and make her feel well dressed:

“They’re an easy way for me to feel pulled together, even when I’m not. Some kind of scarf or a mini-turban situation. That finishes a not-so-great outfit and polishes up the look a bit.”

She adds that dressing has become very important to her, especially because she is always aware that her photograph can be taken at any moment:

 “It’s an important part of my day, what I choose to wear and put out there in the world. I also have to remember that I probably will be photographed at the gas pump.”

Eva turns to her mother for fashion advice and she says her mom always knows if something looks good or bad:

 “She’s usually on the money. If she doesn’t like something, I can usually see why: it didn’t photograph well or looked weird around the waist.”

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