Drew Barrymore Lived on Saltines & Club Soda During Pregnancy

Posted by PZ on December 13th, 2012

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Drew Barrymore, who recently welcomed her first child – a daughter named Olive – has opened up on her weight gain and cravings during her pregnancy. She admits that at the start of her pregnancy she only wanted two things – Saltines and club soda. She would sometimes feel nauseous but barely ever threw up luckily. She would eat what she felt was right and not worry about it:

”I was nauseated all the time at first but hardly ever threw up. I lived on Saltines (a brand of crackers) and club soda. Lived. But it got a lot better and then I would sit with my little legs crossed and just eat. I wasn’t like, ‘OK you need to eat your carrots…’. I just had a total enjoyment of food.”

Drew  enjoyed pigging out on treats such as cheeseburgers and was completely put off healthy things such as vegetables. When Olive was late arriving, she allowed herself extra food and says that in total she gained around 40lbs, including an extra 5 during that last week:

”I loved cheeseburgers. I wanted nothing to do with vegetables and I love vegetables! And ice cream disgusts me, but all I wanted was Thrifty Mint ‘n Chip ice cream. I gained about 40 lbs. I think I gained an extra five the last week because I was so late and was like, ‘Forget it! All bets are off! I’ll have two cheeseburgers.’ ”

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