David Archuleta Debuts at #2

Posted by Kim on August 21st, 2008


Remember the fabulous new single from David Archuleta I reviewed a few weeks ago? Well it was released to iTunes about a week ago, a this week he makes his chart debut at #2 on the Billboard Hot 100 and #1 on the Hot Digital Songs with 166k sold! This is the highest single debut from ANY ex Idol (excluding coronation songs, of course), and it’s the highest single debut in 18 months. Starting a chart run this high is huge for even an established artist, and David accomplished this before his song officially went out for adds. In other words, this is probably just the beginning of success for “Crush”.

So once again, where are ALL the people who mouthed off in the comments section about how he wouldn’t sell and couldn’t possibly be marketed? Anyone?? Bueller?


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