Coco Rocha Excited for Maternity Fashion, Dressing Her Bump

Posted by PZ on November 13th, 2014

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Top model Coco Rocha recently announced her first pregnancy and now she’s getting excited about maternity fashion choices. The model gushes that she can’t wait to start buying pieces that suit her growing bump and has always been so impressed with stars such as Heidi Klum, who looked fantastic during her pregnancy even when she was hitting the red carpet. She loves the idea of dressing her bump in a lavish gown and hopes she gets the chance:

“Of course, the pants and shirts are starting to get a little tighter, but I actually can’t wait until I actually have to go out and buy new maternity outfits. I’m excited to see what I’m actually going to wear with this little bump. That’s what I’m most excited about – showing off my bump. I always remember seeing Heidi Klum and other celebrities walking the red carpet in these perfect red carpet gowns with their baby bumps and thinking, ‘Will I have the chance to wear a really cool gown like that?’”

Coco recently released her book ‘Study of Pose’ and she says she has learnt a lot about modelling by putting it together. She believes a photo shoot should never run out of steam because the model doesn’t know what to do:

“I think there can no longer be such a thing as hitting a wall on a photoshoot. If I ever hear a photographer say to me, ‘OK, what else?’, I should retire, because that should never happen now, having experienced just how much the body is capable of doing.”

The model adds that while some of the poses aren’t practical, there is a fun side to the book and she didn’t want it to be too serious:

“Yes, there are a lot of quirky, fun, ridiculous poses in this book and maybe fashion doesn’t want all of that, but on the other hand, I’ve always been the model that doesn’t take herself too seriously and with this project, I’ve realised that I can go even further with that.”


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