Charlie Sheen Never Wants to Get Married Again

Posted by PZ on September 20th, 2011


Charlie Sheen, who has been married three times, has vowed that he won’t ever tie the knot again. Speaking to TV host Wendy Williams, Sheen firstly spoke on his relationship with ex-wife Brooke Mueller, denying rumors that they might be getting back together again and stating that they are completely over now and are trying to be friends:

“We’re friends and we’re just trying to stay that way and be good parents and just set a good example. We’re not back together or anything… (We are living together) off and on, we’re not sure what the plan is going to be but we’re working all that stuff out.”

 Charlie believes that his relationships turned soar after he walked down the aisle, and so doesn’t want to ever get married again. However, he doesn’t rule out the idea of having another committed relationship in the future:

“A couple of things I don’t do well – marriage and drinking. So I’ve quit both… Why would I (get married again). That’s not to say I couldn’t have a substantial relationship one day, but to ordain it with a piece of paper just feels like it makes things worse, just for me personally. Because those relationships, I want to say they were pretty good before the marriage and then something happens…”

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