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Posted by sparky on March 6th, 2013

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Celebrities have definitely embraced wearing glasses as a great accessory and we love it! Depending on what style of eyewear they go for, it can make them look like a completely different person. See some of our favorite famous female faces who look great in glasses and get suggestions on how to get their fashionable eyewear looks.

Tina Fey Glasses


 Courtesy of NBC.com

Tina Fey made the geek-chic look extremely sexy for women. This SNL and 30 Rock alum is not only funny, talented and smart, but is currently also showing off her feminine and sexy side with her Garnier Fructis commercials. It’s really hard to not become a fan of hers.

Looking to steal her style? You can easily do that by slipping on a pair of plastic framed glasses. Opt for a dark hue such as black glasses, brown glasses, dark red glasses or dark purple glasses. To nail her look, what you want to do it go for a pair of rectangle glasses that slightly turn up or reach out at the upper corners. It will look as if it’s about to go into a cat-eye design, but then doesn’t. The bottoms should slightly round out for a soft touch.

For some great options to get Tina Fey’s style, try the:

M+ 2041 brown and orange plastic frames. They are very sleek and cost only $99. For this price, you are getting a ton of style for the price.

Anna Sui AS 524 black plastic frames. Simple, versatile and very fashionable. Anna Sui is not only a fantastic woman’s ready-to-wear designer, but she also makes some fantastic eyewear as well. Snag this pair for $175.

Anne Hathaway



Anne Hathaway not only blew our minds with her incredible Les Miserable performance, but she also won a well-deserved Oscar award for it as well. While she looked amazing in her exquisite Prada gown, it is safe to say that she also looks great whenever she is dressed down.

Not too long ago, we spotted her around heading to a screening of Les Miserables wearing a pair of great, oversized, tortoise framed glasses. We love how her short ‘do really let her gorgeous face and fun eyewear choice shine. What is fantastic about her choice of oversized plastic eyewear is that it didn’t hide her stunning face. Rather her glasses actually accentuated her fantastic features. If you look at the above picture, you will see that this design actually frames her sparkling eyes and long lashes. It’s a match made in eyeglass heaven.

To get Anne Hathaway’s style, you have some great options. Try the:

Ernest Hemingway 4636 tortoise frame eyewear. The chic print is retro and the colors will go well with all the colors of your wardrobe. The big bonus is that these fantastic glasses will only set you back $69. How could you not want them?

Ray-Ban RX5121 yellow Havana plastic glasses. When you want to go really bold, you have got to try these thick-framed tortoise glasses. They will make a statement and add a fun hipster accent to your outfits. Get them for yourself today for $152.


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