Celebrities who love playing bingo

Posted by tuan on June 20th, 2017

The popularity of bingo games has soared over the years and now the game has a huge celebrity following. These celebrities have publicly spoken about their joy at playing bingo proving that it’s a game for everybody and not just the general public.

There are whole lot of celebrities who love playing online bingo. Here are some of them!

Robbie Williams:

This popular UK singer loves playing bingo with the crowd. His love for bingo can also be witnessed in one of his music video where he is seen coming out of a bingo hall. He not only loves playing bingo but has been a part of various charity events and donated the same for all the good reasons.

Denise Van Outen:

Denise is a total bingo fanatic and is often seen playing bingo with her girl friends. She is so fond of the game that she persuaded her co-star to join her in the bingo sessions.

Christiano Ronaldo:


The life of real madraid and one of best soccer player, Ronaldo was left spellbound when he first played the game and got addicted it soon after 2-3 sessions. He was given a bingo DVD to help him improve his English, but in the course he just fell in love with the game so much that he always finds that 2-3 minutes of time to get his bingo game strong and compete with other players online.

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