Carolyn Murphy Thinks Fashion is “Not as Heartfelt” as Before

Posted by tuan on August 30th, 2017

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Carolyn Murphy Thinks Fashion is GÇ£Not as HeartfeltGÇ¥ as Before_1Top model Carolyn Murphy believes the fashion industry has changed quite a lot since her rise to fame. She thinks that the 90s were a more passionate time in fashion and those who worked in the industry were more “heartfelt” back then. She comments that now things have changed dramatically and it’s a very different scene that can be quite cold towards new faces starting out:

“Thank God for the 90s! Thank God for all the drama and the chaos and those designers, because there was so much passion. Now the industry is not as heartfelt. Everything is disposable.”

Carolyn feels sorry for new models trying to make it today because it’s especially hard to make a career last or build good relationships with people, and she often thinks it’s quite emotionless:

“I feel sorry for all of the girls. It’s hard to have the longevity; it’s hard to build a relationship, because everyone’s attention span is already over there. I’m grateful for the time I entered the industry because there was so much more feeling to it.”

Carolyn Murphy Thinks Fashion is GÇ£Not as HeartfeltGÇ¥ as Before_2

The model slowly began to realize she had made it when she saw that she was surrounded by some of the most famous people in the world and had a very luxurious lifestyle. She needed to take a step back and realize she had made it as her career peaked:

“When you are sitting in a room with Kate Moss and Naomi Campbell, and you’re meeting these famous actors, and you’re staying at Hôtel Le Bristol [in Paris], there is a point where you go, ‘OK, this is happening.'”

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