Batshit Celeb of the Day: Courtney Stodden Channels Marilyn Monroe

Posted by PZ on June 20th, 2012


Courtney Stodden has a penchant for earning the ‘batshit celeb of the day’ title (see her last Hello Kitty inspired video here). This time she’s pretending to be Marilyn Monroe (she claims to be paying tribute to the legendary actress, but we all know it is an excuse to do weird things on camera).  Courtney believes pretending to be Marilyn involves wearing a tight pink dress and rubbing her body while the camera zooms in because that’s what Marilyn did, obviously. She also rolls around on a bed, lounges on the sofa in a tacky white outfit and puts on some lipstick in the mirror while wearing a very plunging black bra.

As one commenter on the video smartly pointed out, Courtney has become a source of comedy for many: “I just think it’s sad how she thinks she can get by in life with a bit of make up and a padded bra. She isn’t getting views because she’s hot. She’s getting them because she is someone to laugh at – make us feel better than ourselves.” At least this time she isn’t playing with kitty litter and eating cat food – and if you squint hard you might mistake her for a distant, distant Monroe relative. Maybe. Nah.

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