American Idol 7 Cuts: Let The Dream Descend.

Posted by Tiff on April 24th, 2008

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After contestants tackled the songs of the great Andrew Lloyd Webber, it has once again become time for another to say goodbye. Tonight, the remaining six contestants will become five on ‘American Idol’ season 7. Who will be the next to go?


A group number kicked things off, which was “All I Ask of You,” accompanied by Andrew Lloyd Weber. Whoa, the girls sounded…bad singing together. Then, Ryan talked with Andrew. I thought it was hilarious that he said Jason’s choice of song was peculiar. Haha. It was odd.

[youtube cmu44_XJ-e4]


Tiff: Leona Lewis, from the British equivalent of ‘American Idol,’ ‘X-Factor,’ and Simon Cowell’s protege, Leona Lewis took the stage, performing “Bleeding Love.” She is absolutely gorgeous.

Kim: That song isn’t too shabby.

[youtube nuhmmeG5CGI]

Kim: Erm, the make up in that Ford video was interesting. They all looked demonic! (except Brooke)


The Bottom Two


Tiff: Brooke was safe. What? (I know, I shouldn’t be surprised….sympathy votes. But she deserved to go.) Syesha was in the bottom two. Joining her was Carly Smithson.

Kim: Not surprised Brooke was safe overall, but I did expect her to be in the bottom 2/3. Her boot has been coming for WEEKS. And I’m pretty sure Syesha broke Nikki McKibbons’ record this week for most times in the bottom 3. They should give her a gold plated mic or something.

The Person Going Home Is


Tiff: Carly Smithson. I’m actually not surprised.

Kim: I totally thought Jason was a goner. And of course, Brooke-jaya lives to see another week. There’s another record that has been broken this week; the first time a contestant has made it from top 12 to top 5 week without giving one good performance in between. And Carly was just lucky they handed her an extra two weeks.

This show has become one laughable trainwreck. I’m just watching for the lolz.

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