5 Celebs Who Aren’t Bothered by Paparazzi Photographing Them

Posted by PZ on December 9th, 2017

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Dealing with the ever-present paparazzi must be one of the biggest downsides to fame, but these 5 celebrities don’t let it bother them. Accepting that the paparazzi are necessary in order to maintain their celeb status, or just aware that they are lucky to be in their position and shouldn’t complain, these stars say that the following photographers don’t annoy them.

Adam Levine


Adam thinks the paparazzi help celebs stay famous and it works both ways: “It is a two-way street, and it is a two-way street in the (way) that you look at it. People want to be famous for some reason, for me, I wanted to be a successful singer, it had less to do with fame. If you’re going to be on television, if you’re going to be a singer, if you’re going to be an actor, there’s gonna be a lot of this that comes with it.”

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