5 Celebrities Open Up On Their Rebellious Streak

Posted by PZ on September 28th, 2012

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We all have it in us: that desire to go against what’s right and do something rebellious. From sneaking out late to causing chaos in school, many acts of rebellion, especially those during the teenage years, are pretty harmless and simply a case of the new teen acting out to push their boundaries. However, some rebellion can be more serious: taking drugs, drinking or running away from home – these 5 stars have all opened up on how they rebelled in the past and reveal that they’ve all got a secret rebellious streak within them.


Lady Gaga

Gaga says she sees how rebellious her fans are and she sees her old self in them: “I was this really bad, rebellious misfit of a person – I still am – sneaking out, going to clubs, drugs, alcohol, older men, younger men. You imagine it, I did it. I was just a bad kid. And I look at them, and every show there’s a little more eyeliner, a little more freedom, and a little more ‘I don’t give a f**k about the bullies at my school.’ “

Rachel Weisz

Rachel was once kicked out of her school in London for being disruptive: “I was asked to leave London Collegiate, but my mum doesn’t like me to say I was expelled. I didn’t try to burn down the school or anything like that; it was just anti-authority issues. I didn’t think the teachers had the right to tell me what to do. I would just disobey, talk in the classroom, to put it mildly.”

Nicole Richie

Nicole remembers a silly act of rebellion – as a teenager she got a tattoo which she now regrets but she blames no one except for herself: “I’m a Virgo and the sign is a virgin, so, when I was 16, I got the word ‘virgin’ tattooed on my wrist thinking I was so deep and cool. Now I just look really weird having ‘virgin’ written across my wrist – and I have to explain it. I created it and manifested it, and I got myself through it with the help of a lot of great people.”

Katy Perry

Katy says she used to push her parents’ button repeatedly: “Some people are fascinated with the idea of a great storyline: good girl, Christian parents, goes bad. My song ‘I Kissed A Girl’ provided the perfect storyline, so it’s entertaining for people. My parents were really strict at first, because they didn’t want me to turn out like a prostitute. There’s a button that all kids have with their parents. It’s like this red button that we push. And the paint has chipped off of my red button in a few places because of the constant pushing.”

Jessica Biel

Jessica used to drink as a teenager and broke plenty of rules during her rebellious period: “I absolutely had a mad, crazy period. Probably 16 to 22-ish, I was sneaking out of the house, getting in trouble. The thing with the US is you can’t drink until you’re 21, but everyone drinks before. Listen, I broke the rules just like everyone else does. I’m not an angel, I’m not a perfect person who doesn’t mess up, eat bad, not work out – I mean, I do all of those things. It’s just for the most part, when I’m working, I don’t feel like I have the choice.”



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