3 Stars, Including Whitney Houston, Whose Kids Inherited Their Money

Posted by Katie F. on March 8th, 2012

Whitney Houston’s will has now been revealed following her death on February 11. The 19-page last will and testament was released yesterday in Atlanta, Georgia, which is where it was filed. According to the document, Houston’s only child, daughter Bobbi Kristina, gets everything. She is set to receive all her mother’s money, furniture, clothing, jewelry, cars, and other personal properties. The money will be placed in a trust until Bobbi turns 21 – she’s only 19 years old now. Some will be released in 2 years, but she’ll also get more when she turns 25 and the rest of the estate when she turns 30. Whitney’s mother Cissy was named the executor while her brother Michael and sister-in-law Donna are the trustees of the will. Houston first wrote her will in February 1993, just one month before she gave birth to her daughter, but made changes to it over the years. She amended it in April 2000 during the time she was married to Bobby Brown. Brown is mentioned in the will but he won’t receive anything. Bobbi is set to open up about her mother’s death on an episode of Oprah’s Next Chapter, which will air tomorrow. She’ll likely talk about how she has been handling the tragic event and might mention more about the will.

Whitney Houston made sure to set up her will so that her daughter would receive her fortune when she passed away. Several other celebrities also make it a priority to ensure that their kids will be taken care of once they die. Here are a few other stars that left their money to their kids.

Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson’s will was revealed in May 2010. He left $33 million each to his three kids Prince, Paris, and Blanket. They’ll eventually have access to 40% of his fortune. They’ll start receiving some of the money at age 21, but won’t receive it all until they’re 40 years old.

Anna Nicole Smith

Anna Nicole Smith wanted her son to receive all her money upon her death, but unfortunately this was not possible. After her death it was revealed that she left everything to her son Daniel, who died before his mother did. She hadn’t updated her will and it didn’t mention her daughter Dannielynn.

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