3 Stars, Including Christina Hendricks, Whose Cell Phone Was Hacked

Posted by Katie F. on March 5th, 2012

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Christina Hendricks is the latest in a long line of celebrities that have gotten their cell phones hacked. Several revealing pictures that a hacker took off of Hendricks’ phone began circulating the internet yesterday. The Mad Men star’s rep admitted that some of the photographs are authentic self-shots taken by Christina. These photos are revealing, one of which shows the actress wearing no makeup and nothing but a sweater, but are not fully nude shots. The one picture that does reportedly show Hendricks’ breasts is not real, according to her rep. That picture was just thrown into the mix with the actual photos of the star and is a shot of someone else’s chest. Christina doesn’t know who hacked her phone, but she has alerted the authorities and the proper measures are being taken in an investigation now.

Christina Hendricks is the most recent victim of a cell phone hacking that resulted in revealing photos being posted all over the internet, but the same thing has happened to many stars before her. Here are a few other celebrities that have had their cell phones hacked.

Olivia Munn

Just a few hours before photos of Hendricks’ leaked, Olivia Munn became the first star of the year to be hacked. She faced a situation similar to Christina’s – several of the leaked pictures showing Munn in revealing v-necks or just a bra are real, but any of the shots that don’t show a face or show someone completely nude are fake.

Scarlett Johansson

Before Hendricks and Munn kicked off this year’s celebrity phone hackings, Scarlett Johansson was one of the last stars in 2011 to have nude photos leaked from her cell phone. Released in September, Scarlett admitted the photos were meant for her ex-husband Ryan Reynolds. The FBI began investigating the hack soon after the pictures were leaked.

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