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Lesson learned: Every mic is a hot mic Susie Q

Posted by Christine on November 30th, 2010

Susan Boyle was on the View this morning and made a very awkward mistake.  After a beginning to sing O Holy Night, Boyle started coughing and backed away from the mic and then asked the producers if she could start over all while the cameras were rolling on a LIVE show.  After more awkwardness Sherri […]


Afternoon Links: Pink Wants to Name her Baby After Whiskey

Posted by PZ on November 30th, 2010

Pink and husband Carey Hart are hoping to name their baby son after their favourite alcoholic beverage! Gossip Pink wants to name her maybe-son after whiskey – [celebitchy] Eva Longoria Keeps Busy With Three New TV Shows! – [celebritybeehive] Ewan McGregor is a helluvan actor! – [lolebrity] Jimmy Joe Roche performs Back in Black – […]

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Anne Hathaway Nervous About Becoming Oscars Host

Posted by PZ on November 30th, 2010

Anne Hathaway and James Franco have been announced as the hosts of the Oscars, and she has said that she is really looking forward to taking part in the famous awards show. In the past, very few women have played the part of the host, so she feels honored to be a part of it, […]

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Reese Witherspoon Feels More Sexually Confident

Posted by PZ on November 30th, 2010

Opening up to Glamour magazine for their January issue, Reese Witherspoon has proclaimed that now that she is 34 years old, she is more confident when it comes to sex. She told the magazine: “I think as a woman, you get older, you feel more confident in your sexuality, you’re not as intimidated by it, […]


Mark Ruffalo Placed on Terror Advisory List

Posted by PZ on November 30th, 2010

Actor Mark Ruffalo has reportedly been placed on a terror advisory list by U.S. officials. Mark got into a spot of trouble for screening a documentary about natural gas drilling, which managed to cause quite a stink. Earlier this year, he arranged for the film, named “GasLand” to be shown, and also voiced his concern […]

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Angelina Jolie Has Enough Children ‘For Now’

Posted by PZ on November 30th, 2010

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt currently have 6 children – but according to Angelina, that’s just enough ‘for now’. She says that for the time being, she wants to focus all her attention of the 6 they already have, and that she wouldn’t have time to give all of them enough attention if the couple […]

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Who Wore it Best? Reese Witherspoon vs. Lea Michele

Posted by PZ on November 30th, 2010

Reese Witherspoon and Glee star Lea Michele were both seen wearing the same frill dress by Anlo, but which girl wore it best?

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Madonna Launches Hard Candy in Mexico City

Posted by PZ on November 30th, 2010

Madonna made an appearance for the opening of her ‘Hard Candy’ Global Gym in Mexico City, and was dressed up in a pair of tight leather boots and a printed mini-dress for the event. Madonna is just one of those women who can dress up is the same outfit as Blake Lively and get away […]


Heidi Klum at a Press Event in Munich

Posted by PZ on November 30th, 2010

Heidi Klum made a trip home to Germany for a press event about her upcoming Coty/Astor collaboration which was held in Munich. Heidi was looking as glamorous as ever, dressed up in a form-fitting grey dress with a netted over-layer, which she teamed with some strappy black heels and sleekly styled hair. Heidi has always […]

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Morning Links: Kim Zolciak Under Fire For Smoking While Pregnant

Posted by PZ on November 30th, 2010

Real Housewives of Atlanta star Kim Zolciak was photographed smoking a cigarette while three months pregnant Gossip Kim Zolciak Under Fire For Smoking While Pregnant (Photos) – [stupidcelebrities] Christina Aguilera Meets New Boyfriend’s Mom! – [anythinghollywood] Janet Jackson Announces Plans For 2011 Tour – [dailystab] The Kardashian credit card is canceled – [tragicomical] Stars Show […]

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Kardashian Kard Mirrors Kardashian Sisters’ Career: Cheap and Perfunctory.

Posted by Rebecca on November 29th, 2010

The Kardhasian Family has officially given their Kardashian Kard (multiple K’s are so endearing!) the old heave-ho, based on the card’s reputation for being shady as hell. Surprised?  I’m not. Gross, no thank you. According to TMZ, “The A.G. was concerned over several fees associated with the Kard — which reportedly costs $9.95 to own […]

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It’s Official: The Oscars are Gonna Suck.

Posted by Rebecca on November 29th, 2010

Why? Because James Franco and Anne Hathaway are hosting.  OFFICIALLY. I mean, the Oscar host role usually goes to someone or some people with…charisma? Awesome senses of humor? Here they are. Oscar telecast producers Bruce Cohen and Don Mischer put a ring on it, I think just to spite me. “James Franco and Anne Hathaway […]

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The X Factor Week 8 Performances

Posted by Angela on November 29th, 2010

We’re down to just seven acts and it’s Rock Week on The X Factor. Plus, it’s a double elimination week and each act is performing two songs this week! Source: ITV

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22 Famous Teetotalers

Posted by PZ on November 29th, 2010

Jada Pinkett Smith Not everyone in Hollywood celebrates their successes with a glass of champagne – here is a look at 22 famous celebrities who don’t drink alcohol. Some have previously battled with alcohol addiction and so have decided to give up, while other have simply chosen not to drink. From singer Akon to footballer […]

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Afternoon Links: Jennifer Aniston’s New Best Friend – Chelsea Handler?

Posted by PZ on November 29th, 2010

Jennifer Aniston and Chelsea Handler were spotted spending the Thanksgiving weekend together in Mexico Gossip Jen’s new BFF – [laineygossip] Brooke Hogan Bikini Busting In Miami – [celebrityhotsauce] Cloudy, with a chance of food poisoning… – [raincoaster] John Ham – [lolebrity] Prince William and Kate Middleton to Raffle 100 Tickets to Attend Royal Wedding! – […]

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Usher Under Pressure to be New Michael Jackson?

Posted by PZ on November 29th, 2010

Usher has stated that he has been feeling under increasing pressure to step up to be the next Michael Jackson. The singer feels as though there is a void left in pop music since the death of Jackson, and he hopes it’s something he can fill. Usher said that he doesn’t mind the pressure that […]


Mandy Moore Opens Up About Married Life With Husband Ryan Adams

Posted by PZ on November 29th, 2010

Mandy Moore and husband Ryan Adams usually keep their private life pretty private, and fly under the radar most of the time. Mandy has now opened up in an interview with the Globe & Mail about her marriage to the singer. The couple wed last year in a private ceremony, and she insists that they […]

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Kim Kardashian, Lady Gaga Quit Twitter for Charity

Posted by PZ on November 29th, 2010

Kim Kardashian is staging her own death – digital death that is. Kim, along with some other stars are hoping to raise awareness of AIDs by quitting twitter and facebook for World AIDS Day, which is on Wednesday. Kim will join her sister Khloe, Lady Gaga, Justin Timberlake, Alicia Keys in the ‘digital death’ – […]

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Who Wore it Best? Kelly Rowland vs. Jennifer Lopez

Posted by PZ on November 29th, 2010

Both singers were seen wearing the same striped maxi-dress by A.L.C, but which one wore it best?

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Tara Reid Looking Scary Thin at the Replay Flagship Opening

Posted by PZ on November 29th, 2010

Thin might be a bit of an understatement: Tara Reid looks positively emaciated! The American Pie star was spotted at a cocktail party celebrating the opening of Replay’s flagship store in Paris, France. Although looking like she lost a lot of weight recently, (don’t look at the gross ankle bones sticking out) Tara was dressed […]

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Kate Moss at the Launch of ‘Vintage Muse’ Fragrance

Posted by PZ on November 29th, 2010

Kate Moss dressed up in a chic black ensemble for the launch of her latest perfume, ‘Vintage Muse’, which was held at a Boots store in London. The model looked laid-back yet sophisticated in a cropped-sleeve tweed jacket and low cut slouchy t-shirt paired with a pair of skinny black pants and a pair of […]

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Morning Links: Actor Leslie Nielsen Passes Away Aged 84

Posted by PZ on November 29th, 2010

Actor Leslie Nielsen has passed away from pneumonia, aged 84. Gossip Leslie Nielsen Passes Away At 84 – [celebdirtylaundry] Lady Gaga is a Twitter quitter for charity – [earsucker] Bristol Palin and Mark Ballas on Good Morning America (Photos) – [celebglitz] Mischa Barton is Stunning for Tatler Magazine [Photos] – [ineedmyfix] Alex Rodriguez shirtless with […]

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Emma Watson in Marie Claire

Posted by katie h. on November 28th, 2010

Emma Watson has basically grown up in the public eye, and in my opinion has done so really well.  I have never had any feelings toward her, good or bad, until she cut her hair.  Now she looks like Samantha Ronson to me, but whatever, she still looks good when she’s all made-up.

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22 of Paris Hilton’s Biggest Fashion Flops

Posted by PZ on November 28th, 2010

1 – Paris wears Chanel to community service Paris Hilton has more fashion flops than I can recall: when she’s not completing her mandatory community service dressed up in a pair of heels, she’s forgetting to wear underwear under her see-through leggings. Here is a look back at some of Paris’ more questionable fashion choices […]

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