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Elliott Yamin Caught up in Chilean Earthquake

Posted by PZ on February 28th, 2010

Former American Idol contestant Elliott Yamin was in Chile when the 8.3 Earthquake struck on Friday. The singer was in a hotel room, on his computer at the time when the record breaking quake began. The best way to pass the time when in a life threatening situation? head on to twitter of course. He […]

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Whitney Houston Blames Bad Performances on Smoking Habit

Posted by PZ on February 28th, 2010

There has been many complaints about Whitney’s recent performances on her current tour. She’s been coughing, taking breaks, not being about to hit those high notes, and even walking off stage. There has been rumours that she’s in bad health, that’s she turned to drugs again – the list goes on. Now her tour promoter, […]


Lost Cast Moved to Higher Ground After Tsunami Warning

Posted by PZ on February 28th, 2010

The cast of the hit series Lost were on high alert yesterday after a tsunami warning was issued for Hawaii,  as a result of the earthquake which happened on Friday in Chile. The bosses of the show urged to cast, who film on location in Hawaii, to seek higher ground immediately, one boss even used […]


Ben Stiller’s Bringing Zoolander Back To The Big Screen

Posted by PZ on February 28th, 2010

It has been revealed that Ben Stiller is currently working on a new Zoolander movie, in which he will take on the role of  male model, Derek Zoolander again. The movie has become a cult smash since it was released in 2001, I don’t know why it took them so long to make a second […]

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Marie Osmond’s Son Tragically Commits Suicide

Posted by PZ on February 28th, 2010

Marie Osmond’s son, Michael Blosil committed suicide this Friday by jumping off a building in L.A. at around 9 P.M. Michael left a note with his roommate who wasn’t aware of what was going on, explaining why he took his life. He had previously suffered from depression but it was thought that he was on […]

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U2 Crowned 2009’s Top Music Industry Earners

Posted by PZ on February 27th, 2010

Irish rockers U2 made the most money out of every act in the music industry in 2009. They managed to make a huge $108 million, which includes earnings from a world wide tour. Bruce Springsteen came in 2nd place with $57 million while Madonna came in a third with $47 million. Further down the list, […]


Gary Coleman Hospitalized After Seizure

Posted by PZ on February 27th, 2010

Gary Coleman suffered a seizure while on set of the news programme The Insider. Gary was supposed to be making an appearance on the show, when he suddenly suffered from a seizure and an ambulance was promptly called. Celebrity Rehab host Dr. Drew Pinsky, who was also making an appearance on the show, helped Gary […]

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Lady Gaga’s Q Magazine Cover Stirs Controversy

Posted by PZ on February 27th, 2010

This Q Magazine cover featuring Lady Gaga has been banned from several leading stores because it apparently shows off too much and they won’t sell it unless the magazine is placed in a sealed cover. This cover however happens to be toned down version of what Lady Gaga wanted to do for the magazine. Gaga […]

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Daniel Radcliffe to Appear in Gay Suicide Prevention Campaign

Posted by PZ on February 27th, 2010

Daniel Radcliffe will appear in a public service announcement to prevent suicide in gay,lesbian and bisexual teenagers. The Harry Potter star spoke about the campaign, which is organised by The Trevor Project, stating that he was happy that he could be a part of the campaign, and he also explained the reason why took part: […]

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Brittany Murphy Mystery Pills Baffle Investigators

Posted by PZ on February 27th, 2010

11 days before Brittany Murphy’s death, she was prescribed hydrocodone, otherwise known as Vicodin – a painkiller for medium to strong pain relief. The prescription was for 120 tablets and when the tablets were located after her death 11 days later, there was just 11 pills left. According to the Coroner’s report of her death, […]

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Tiger blames affairs on drug addiction

Posted by sparky on February 26th, 2010

Is Tiger being treated at multiple facilities for different addictions?  According to the National Enquirer, the magazine In November that originally broke the story  about Tiger’s sexcapades with 14 different women, Tiger Woods is  not only in a sex rehab for his so-called “sex addiction”, he’s also in a drug rehab because he’s addicted to […]

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Ke$ha sings “Karma Police” in Middle School Talent Show

Posted by Alyssa on February 26th, 2010

Who knew that Ke$ha used to be Kesha Seward, a normal middle school student sans spandex who performed in talent shows? Here is a video of our young Ke$ha peforming Radiohead’s “Karma Police” at age 13 in her middle school’s talent showcase. Looking at the girl holding the microphone, you would never guess that they […]


Michael Kors Has An Enormous Outie.

Posted by Alyssa on February 26th, 2010

While Designer Michael Kors was in St. Barts this weekend sporting his swim trunks on the beach, he chose to accessorize the look with not only aviator sunglasses and a chunky watch, but an enormous outie! Maybe the more obscure references you make on Project Runway, the larger your belly button grows.

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Levi Johnston Ordered by Court To Pay Up

Posted by PZ on February 26th, 2010

Levi Johnston was ordered to pay $18,500 to Bristol Palin in back child support by an Alaskan court. He also has to stay up to date with payments, which will be $1,688.42 per month – kerching! This  isn’t as bad as how much Nas was ordered to pay Kelis – he has to pay Kelis […]

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J Lo Has Been Dropped From Her Record Label

Posted by PZ on February 26th, 2010

Sony Records has dropped Jennifer Lopez from their record label, in what J Lo described as a friendly split. Jennifer made a statement to all her fans to reassure them that her upcoming album, called Love (wow, she doesn’t score originality points for that name) will still be released. Jen said in the statement: “I […]

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Andrew Koenig’s Body May Have Been Found

Posted by sparky on February 26th, 2010

TMZ is reporting that Andrew Koenig‘s body may have been found in Stanley Park, Vancouver. Andrew was 41-years old and was an actor who played the character of  “Boner” (what a stupid name) on the sitcom “Growing Pains”.  He’s also the son of “Star Trek’s” Walter Koenig (Pavel Chekov). He was last seen in Vancouver […]

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Kanye and Amber Rose Head to a Black Eyed Peas Concert

Posted by PZ on February 26th, 2010

Kanye West and Amber Rose headed to a Black Eyed Peas concert together. The couple were dressed in surprisingly normal outfits. Amber Rose normally likes to shock with her fashion choices but this look is frankly quite boring, except for the fur ushanka. I generally don’t mind when celebs wear leggings as pants – but […]

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Paris Hilton Out in L.A. With Jimmy Iovine

Posted by PZ on February 26th, 2010

Paris headed out in L.A. with Jimmy Iovine who is a producer and chairman of Interscope-Geffen-A&M. I don’t normally like Paris’s outfit choices but I quite like this look on her – it’s not her usual over the top style. She’s got a cute biker style leather jacket on, which is a gorgeous piece! She […]

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Hilary Duff Departing From L.A.X

Posted by PZ on February 26th, 2010

Recently engaged, Hilary Duff headed to L.A.X to catch a flight. She’s dressed down in this relaxed outfit but I quite like this casual look on Hilary. Big scarves are a must for colder weather and I love Hilary’s over-sized grey scarf here. These will be back next year – so if you have one, […]


American Idol 9: First Cuts!

Posted by Kim on February 26th, 2010

First cuts of the season.  No one wants to be the first to go home, but someone had to tonight.  Ryan grilled Simon about being especially “tough” the night before.  I think he was a bit tougher than usual, but he was honest. The top 24 all sang American Boy.  Lol, yeah.

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50 Cent Sued Over Sex Tape Editing

Posted by PZ on February 25th, 2010

50 Cent is being sued by a woman who claims that the rapper got hold of a private video that she made with her lover and then he proceeded to edit it and post it on the internet. According to the woman, 50 cent edited himself in to the video as some kind of narrator […]

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Samantha Ronson to DJ at Lesbian Celebration

Posted by PZ on February 25th, 2010

Samantha Ronson is set to DJ at a Lesbian Celebration in Palm Springs. The party she’ll be the DJ for is called “The Pure White Party!” – Samantha is certainly looking for love in the right places. Her ex-girlfriend, Lindsay Lohan has reportedly said that she will be moving to London, this decision comes after […]

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London Fashion Week Round-Up

Posted by PZ on February 25th, 2010

London fashion week has just ended, and what a week of fashion it has been! There was a completely mixed bag of designers on display –  I was a bit disappointed by one or two of the shows but many designers surprised me by doing something completely fresh and interesting. Christopher Kane Autumn/Winter 2010 Christopher […]

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Britney Hits Starbucks Looking Rough

Posted by PZ on February 25th, 2010

Wow, this is the worst I’ve seen Brit in a long time. She’s been looking bad lately but this is the icing on the cake. Britney headed to Starbucks for a caffeine hit, wearing this scruffy look. First of all, nothing she’s wearing really matches. Second of all, she’s wearing velour pants – I haven’t […]

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