16 Celebrities Smoking Cigarettes

Posted by PZ on April 6th, 2011

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From underage smokers such as Taylor Momsen (isn’t she just shockingly rebellious!) to everyone’s favourite chain-smoking fake-baked dwarf, er, Snooki – here is a look at 16 celebrity smokers in the midst of sucking up some nicotine, or perhaps a nicotine alternative.  By “nicotine alternative” I mean those electronic cigarettes that look and taste like real cigarettes.   Some of the celebrities in this list may surprise you, and others may not – in fact, it seems almost everyone in Hollywood likes to take a cigarette break while on set, from Michelle Williams to Kristen Stewart.


Travis McCoy

Taylor Momsen


Sean Lennon


Michelle Williams

Mark Ronson

Lindsay Lohan

Kristen Stewart

Johnny Depp

Eric Dane

Elijah Wood

David Arquette

Courtney Love

Brad Pitt

Amy Winehouse

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