10 Actresses Who Have Posed Nude

Posted by Rebecca on October 19th, 2010

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Okay,  many actresses wear stupid stuff out, or do weird photo shoots, but a good actress worth her weight in gold has done a nude shoot. Am I right (laughs creepily)?  I am.  Here’s a tip of my perverse hat to ten actresses who have worn their birthday suit out in front of a bunch of photographers.  Thanks to photoshop, most of them still looked hot.

1. Denise Richards

In 2004 Denise posed for a nude pictorial in Playboy, SIX MONTHS AFTER GIVING BIRTH. She then posed semi-nude for Jane magazine in 2006 to raise money for the Clothes Off Our Back Foundation, but who really cares about that last one? She pushed a baby through her birth canal and then her bore her body to the world. Cripes.

2. Brooke Burke

Okay, okay, she’s more of a host.  But this host really got her playboy on.  Brooke Burke has been featured on the cover of Playboy twice, first on the cover of the  May 2001 edition and more recently for the November 2004 cover.

3. Jennifer Aniston

Surprised?  Aniston posed nude for GQ in 2008. Oh wait, she was wearing a necktie.  My bad.

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